Unlocator review April 2016

Unlocator is a smart and powerful DNS system that functions by masking your original IP address and giving you a different one that allows you to browse the internet freely without any unlocator-reviewrestrictions whatsoever. In your day to day browsing activities, you may have noted that you are restricted from visiting certain websites because of your locality. This is a common experience especially to those people living outside Europe and USA.

Unlocator  Smart DNS

Unlocator functions by giving you a different IP address which allows you to access different websites which were restricted to you before. This simply means that, if you want to access a service such as Hulu which is currently only available to USA viewers, Unlocator will mask your real address and give you a totally different one which you can use freely to access the site. unlocator
The diversity of Unlocator review is unmatched when it comes to its usage. This service is available on different devices such as tablets, PC’s, smart TV’s and gaming consoles. Unlike other types of VPN services, Unlocator connecting speed is not affected by the number of devices connected to it. Regardless of how many devices you are using, Unlocator will give you maximum speeds to make sure that you enjoy the best services.
Unlocator differs from other types of VPN services in that it can bypass different types of firewall hence giving you the chance to access more content from different parts of the world at no extra charges or restrictions.

Unlocator  VPN

Safety and privacy which happens to be each and every internet user concern is guaranteed by Unlocator. Unlocator won’t access your personal information or pry into your private life. Also, your browsing speed is not affected and neither will your computer or any other device using the service lag behind.
With over 150 channels from different countries to choose from, Unlocator review on Howtogetamericannetflix  should be your first choice when it comes to using VPN services.