Pokemon GO Game Is Defined To Reach A Billion Downloads In Coming Months

Programmers at Niantic Labs have announced a couple of days ago during the 2017 Game Developers Conference the game was downloaded well over 650 million times since its launch in July of 2016.

Thats a huge accomplishment of 150 million downloads in only 5 months. Furthermore, the programmers at Niantic Labs additionally disclosed that all Pokemon GO Tricks players joined have walked up to 8.7 Billion KILOMETERS (5.4 Billion Miles). In hindsight, thats like walking the distance to Pluto.

Nevertheless, compared to its enormous uprise back in July of 2016, it’s relatively quite slow. This amount is forecast to slow down as time advances with an increasing number of users dropping out of interest for the match. Niantic Labs, nevertheless, have been attempting to keep users interested with monthly updates.
Lately they released a significant upgrade to the general public by introducing 80 new Pokemon for players to catch. Whatever the downloading speed being slowed down, it’s considered that together with how the game is going, it’s going to reach the billion downloads team very quickly, and may potentially function as the very first smartphone match to ever get to the landmark.


The match initially broke records when it first came out onto the App Stores by becoming among the greatest programs in use. It even took over Twitter for most active users in certain amount of time. This overly only after a couple weeks of launch.

The game was likewise a landmark and also a milestone in the gambling world by being among the first, & most successful augmented reality game to ever be released online. The technology implemented to the game took the programmers of the sport at Niantic Labs a research of at least 10 years.

The video preview of Pokemon GO alone rated up 42 Million views:

Thus, it’s no surprise concerning how well the game did when it first started. Particularly given the singularity of the notion and theory behind it. Bringing Pokemon to actuality. Undeniably, most players of the game have been adoring devotees of the initial Pokemon show and games.