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HostGator espaƱa eversmiling Whether a blogger, a small business owner or any other website owner, you need web hosting so as to deliver your website to customers. Web hosting makes it possible for users to access every aspect of your site anytime, whether day or night. It helps to upgrade and update your website, making […]

Unlocator review April 2016

Unlocator is a smart and powerful DNS system that functions by masking your original IP address and giving you a different one that allows you to browse the internet freely without any restrictions whatsoever. In your day to day browsing activities, you may have noted that you are restricted from visiting certain websites because of […]

What is a VPS?

Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server refers to a machine that provides similar privacy and functionality just like that provided by a typical physical computer. It caters to the needs of a user by connecting dedicated hosting with shared web hosting. It mainly consists of a mail server program, web server, and a file […]