Enjoy the Wonders of Argentina’s Parque Nacional El Palmar

If you’re off on a trip to Argentina, you’d be crazy not to see the famous Parque Nacional El Palmar. Argentina’s great surge of European immigrants has caused many parts of the country to change drastically over the years, but within Parque Nacional El Palmar, you can get a glimpse of the original land, covered in the local yatay palm.

Serving as a rather convenient stopping point between the cities of Concordia and Colón, Parque Nacional El Palmar not only offers some impressive vegetation, but also has a vivid array of wildlife. Maybe you’d be content with a pair of binoculars to simply watch the animals with. If you’d like to try something more active, you can walk the many water courses of Parque Nacional El Palmar. And if you care to spend the night camping out, you can enjoy the lullaby of the Argentina’s large croaking toads. The park is truly a wonder of nature no visitor should miss.

One don’t-miss-it sight to see in Parque Nacional El Palmar is the world’s biggest rodent, the capybara. You’ll most likely hear it called by uts Spanish name, carpincho. Capybaras are very vocal and friendly creatures, and can even be fed by hand under the proper conditions. Even when you’re not getting that close, their many unique sounds and amiable behavior will prove equally entertaining from a distance. Beyond that, Parque Nacional El Palmar is also host to everything from egrets and herons to foxes and the poisonous yarará snake. lugares turisticos costa argentina mapa You should take care in looking out for that last one. Fatalities from the bites of the yarará in Parque Nacional El Palmar aren’t as common as rumored, but bites will still often serious damage.

Don’t let Argentina’s snakes scare you off of Parque Nacional El Palmar, though. The park kindly provides a reptile house where you can see our cold-blooded friends up close without any personal danger. Parque Nacional El Palmar also provides evening slide shows if you need a break from walking around but still would enjoy seeing some sights.

The public bus transportation system in Argentina will take you from Buenos Aires to Parque Nacional El Palmar, so you don’t have to worry overly much about transportation. And while you’re staying, remember, as always, that you’re a guest and need to behave appropriately. Respect the locals and the land of Argentina itself, and you’ll find Parque Nacional El Palmar to be a terrific experience you’ll never forget.