Beginner’s Guide to Creating Contact Categories in Joomla

This is a beginner’s guide for Joomla users. In this guide, I will show you how to create contact categories in Joomla. These are the categories you create to place your site contacts in. It is kind of like an address book with different sections. Log in as the Administrator and we will get started with this beginner’s guide for Joomla users.

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After you are logged in, you will need to open the contact categories page. Follow these steps to do so. Place your mouse on the Components menu in the top of your window. When the menu opens, place your mouse on the Contact option and you will see the sub-menu open. In the sub-menu, you will need to click the Categories option. The page will reload and you will be on the Contact Categories page in Joomla.

To begin creating a new category, you will need to click the New icon in your top menu, on the right. The page will again reload and you will see the fields that need filling in to create the new contact category. Below, you will find the fields and a brief description of what needs to be entered into the fields. Most of the fields are self explanatory, but I will list all of them incase you run into a problem.

Title – The title of the contact category you are creating will need to be entered into this field.

Alias – Enter your name in this field.

Published – If you want the contact category to be published right away, tick Yes in this field. If you want to publish it later, you can click No.

Access Level – This will determine who can view the contact category you are creating. In this box, you can click the option of your choice.

Image / Position – You can select an image to represent this contact category by selecting the image in the image field. Then you can select the position of the image in the box below the image.

Description – In the description field, you can enter a description describing your contact category you are creating.

After filling in the above fields, you can click the Save button that is located at the top of your page, in the menu. That will create your new contact category. To go back to the category page and create more categories for your contacts, you will need to click the Close button in the top menu.