Pokemon GO Game Is Defined To Reach A Billion Downloads In Coming Months

Programmers at Niantic Labs have announced a couple of days ago during the 2017 Game Developers Conference the game was downloaded well over 650 million times since its launch in July of 2016.

Thats a huge accomplishment of 150 million downloads in only 5 months. Furthermore, the programmers at Niantic Labs additionally disclosed that all Pokemon GO Tricks players joined have walked up to 8.7 Billion KILOMETERS (5.4 Billion Miles). In hindsight, thats like walking the distance to Pluto.

Nevertheless, compared to its enormous uprise back in July of 2016, it’s relatively quite slow. This amount is forecast to slow down as time advances with an increasing number of users dropping out of interest for the match. Niantic Labs, nevertheless, have been attempting to keep users interested with monthly updates.
Lately they released a significant upgrade to the general public by introducing 80 new Pokemon for players to catch. Whatever the downloading speed being slowed down, it’s considered that together with how the game is going, it’s going to reach the billion downloads team very quickly, and may potentially function as the very first smartphone match to ever get to the landmark.


The match initially broke records when it first came out onto the App Stores by becoming among the greatest programs in use. It even took over Twitter for most active users in certain amount of time. This overly only after a couple weeks of launch.

The game was likewise a landmark and also a milestone in the gambling world by being among the first, & most successful augmented reality game to ever be released online. The technology implemented to the game took the programmers of the sport at Niantic Labs a research of at least 10 years.

The video preview of Pokemon GO alone rated up 42 Million views:

Thus, it’s no surprise concerning how well the game did when it first started. Particularly given the singularity of the notion and theory behind it. Bringing Pokemon to actuality. Undeniably, most players of the game have been adoring devotees of the initial Pokemon show and games.

HostGator: 400+ User Reviews & HostGator Coupons

HostGator españa eversmiling Whether a blogger, a small business owner or any other website owner, you need web hosting so as to deliver your website to customers. Web hosting makes it possible for users to access every aspect of your site anytime, whether day or night. It helps to upgrade and update your website, making it easier for customers to find it on search engines. Choosing a good web hosting company is, therefore, critical for your online success.

HostGator España

snappy-geek_yellowHostGator is one of the most well-known shared hosting providers  http://www.Mejoreshosting.pro that has been around for long. It’s reliable and has got a quick install facility that allows you to install easily no matter your skill level. If you are a WordPress beginner, HostGator is among the best in terms of cost and the ease of use. With it, you can use the quick link on customer portal to set up your WordPress or use the shortcut ‘Get started with WordPress Today’.

Website uptime is one of the most crucial aspects of a hosting platform. If your website is slow or down, your customers won’t access your services. Hostgator is highly stable. With over 12,000 servers, you can expect to run your website without technical glitches and interruptions. It works 99.9% of the time and boasts of excellent server speeds. Hostgator increases the speed of your page more than your competitors, therefore, giving you a competitive edge.

Best Web Hosting Spain 2016 snappy-website_large

There are no many platforms giving you an option to build your own website. But with HostGator España, you can use the included website builder, Weebly, to build an interactive website complete with contact forms, slideshows, social media, and more. The best thing is that you require no skill to build a website. You use the simple drag and drop facility.

One of the most desirable things about HostGator is the user friendliness and customer support. The support is available 24/7, is very responsive, and have in-depth knowledge and provides comprehensive, easy to understand answers. In case of a problem, you can also find the FAQ section, video tutorial, and web chat very helpful.

The prices are affordable, adaptive, and scalable. You get a 45-day money guarantee. You can cancel their contract anytime you want and get a refund as long as the 45-day guarantee has not expired.

Unlocator review April 2016

Unlocator is a smart and powerful DNS system that functions by masking your original IP address and giving you a different one that allows you to browse the internet freely without any unlocator-reviewrestrictions whatsoever. In your day to day browsing activities, you may have noted that you are restricted from visiting certain websites because of your locality. This is a common experience especially to those people living outside Europe and USA.

Unlocator  Smart DNS

Unlocator functions by giving you a different IP address which allows you to access different websites which were restricted to you before. This simply means that, if you want to access a service such as Hulu which is currently only available to USA viewers, Unlocator will mask your real address and give you a totally different one which you can use freely to access the site. unlocator
The diversity of Unlocator review is unmatched when it comes to its usage. This service is available on different devices such as tablets, PC’s, smart TV’s and gaming consoles. Unlike other types of VPN services, Unlocator connecting speed is not affected by the number of devices connected to it. Regardless of how many devices you are using, Unlocator will give you maximum speeds to make sure that you enjoy the best services.
Unlocator differs from other types of VPN services in that it can bypass different types of firewall hence giving you the chance to access more content from different parts of the world at no extra charges or restrictions.

Unlocator  VPN

Safety and privacy which happens to be each and every internet user concern is guaranteed by Unlocator. Unlocator won’t access your personal information or pry into your private life. Also, your browsing speed is not affected and neither will your computer or any other device using the service lag behind.
With over 150 channels from different countries to choose from, Unlocator review on Howtogetamericannetflix  should be your first choice when it comes to using VPN services.

Benefits of VPN

Over the last five years, there has been a rising trend in the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) service which has captured the interest of small to medium organizations. So why the trend and why are many people and organizations preferring Virtual Private Network? Here is an overview of the benefits of VPN

securityguard5Wide coverage

VPN is a secure wide area network (WAN) that uses ADSL, Ethernet, and private circuits like leased lines for establishing a dual topology VPN. VPN suits perfectly to those looking for connecting multiple locations and those who require secure access to corporate internal networks, as it leverages your business with an optimal performance network that runs challenging applications like hosted Exchange and Share Point along with Hosted IP Telephony email, file transfer, and data sharing regardless of your location and distance.


VPN addresses the biggest concern of the organizations i.e. “reliability” as it is a MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switch) based service built over global fiber optic core network operating at 99.9% availability throughout the year. The performance of this remarkable service can be measured with the traffic routing and management intelligence maintained throughout the carrier managed network rather than the organizational premises of the clients. VPN reliability is among the benefits of Vpn review Canadian that The-Security-Review-623x432cannot be overlooked given it ultimate importance.


VPN is a turnkey solution for business connectivity including interaction with offices, partners, and clients regardless of application type. The managed Network VPN service also offers flexibility to maintain connectivity on the road to empowering the decision making of mobile users, while enabling businesses to compete at national and international level.


While considering any new technology, our long-term goal is scalability and VPN with its virtually unlimited capacity work perfectly for a variety of locations and business applications, enabling you to scale up according to the enhanced traffic and usage of media rich applications. IP also enables you to browse the web anonymously. In comparison with IP hiding software and web proxies VPN has much better results.


Access to blocked websites

Users can also access the blocked websites and bypass Internet filters. IP-VPN service can also support demonstrating IP address of a different country, which is quite useful for business owners looking to operate locally but depicts their location differently.


The Last but not the least among the benefits of VPN is the”security”. VPN service is MPLS-based hence it protects data from being prominent and prevents anyone from knowing the source of data arrival and departure.

What is a VPS?

security-graphic-100596474-primary.idgeVirtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server refers to a machine that provides similar privacy and functionality just like that provided by a typical physical computer. It caters to the needs of a user by connecting dedicated hosting with shared web hosting. It mainly consists of a mail server program, web server, and a file transfer protocol among other blogging software. It is partitioned such that it has its disc space, operating system, and bandwidth.

What is a VPS?

VPS has become very popular over the recent past due to many reasons. Here are some of the benefits why you may opt to consider VPS as your desired web hosting service.


Getting a VPS hosting account is cheaper compared to having an entirely dedicated web hosting plan. In case you want a hosting service but a little skeptical of the technology needed, then VPS can be the ideal starter package for you. It helps increase your skill while not committing more of your money.The-Security-Review-623x432

Easily scalable

Scalability is what sets VPS hosting apart. With VPS hosting plan, you can start with the least amount of resources you have then grow slowly while increasing your plan to accommodate your rising needs. There is no need of paying for massive amounts of resources you have not yet achieved.

Internet security online business concept pointing security services
Internet security online business concept pointing security services

You enjoy full control

The ability to get a full root access to your individual environment is another significant benefit of VPS hosting. With VPS Hosting, you do not need to wait for support from your Hosting service provider in case you need to install custom package software. The ability to bypass all these restrictions places VPS ahead of other web hosting services.


VPS hosting comes with various plans that can be customized to match your individual needs. This means you can leave out any features you do not need and pick those that are relevant to you.

Reliability and stability

The biggest disadvantage with shared web hosting is that your site’s performance and uptime can suffer. It is critical especially when you are running a business. However, with VPS, such risks can be eliminated.